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Pooladkaf Industrial and Tourism Group came to existence in 1980 as Rueenkaf Company. Rueenkaf Company was one of the founders of joist block floors in Fars Province. It has played an important role in promoting the use of joist block floors.  Until 1988, most of the trusses used in Iran were fabricated and welded manually. In order to manufacture rebar trusses, in 1985 Pooladkaf Industrial Group established the Pooladkaf Company. Due to the growing use of meshes in developed countries, In 1988 Pooladkaf Industrial Group imported modern mesh manufacturing machines and added them to its production lines.

By the end of the eight year war and increase in construction projects in Iran, other modern machines were added to the production lines of Pooladkaf Industrial Group’s factory. By establishment of Shiraz Steel and Poolad Afarin factories, Pooladkaf Industrial Group grew larger and larger. Shiraz Steel and Poolad Afarin factories also manufacture rebar trusses. Soon Rueenkaf Company which was active in production of block joists began manufacturing rebar trusses as well.

While use of plain and coil rebar was increasing in Pooladkaf Industrial Group, its production in Isfahan Steel Mill remained fixed which meant serious problems for Pooladkaf Industrial Group. To address this issue, in 2003 Pooladkaf Industrial Group established the first hot forge factory in Fars Province and began operating it in 2009. In addition to producing Pooladkaf Industrial Group’s raw materials, this factory helped other manufacturers with the problem of plain and ribbed rebar coils.

The ever growing consumption of rebar meshes in composite floors and other structures lead Pooladkaf Industrial Group to expand its rebar mesh production line.  In 2008, one of the world’s largest rebar mesh production lines began operation in Pooladkaf Panel Factory. By installing these massive machines, a Pooladkaf International Ski and Sports Resort is another step by Pooladkaf Industrial Group towards serving the public in a more direct way. It is located in Sepdian region. The south of country’s first ski lift is installed in that resort. It is the first ski lift installed in Iran after the revolution. The resort boats ski lifts, snow compactor machines, a ski school and a great atmosphere for winter sports. Furthermore, there are other activities such as snowmobiles, mountain vehicles and smart wheels to enjoy. The resort also has a kart racing tracks and other sports and activities such as an equestrian club, cycling, boat rides and billiard and horse carriage rides. It has numerous guest houses and restaurants that serve guests all year round. The resorts four star hotel complex is currently open to the public and its other parts are near completion.