Polystyrene blocks


Polystyrene blocks (ceiling foam) of Pooladkaf  Industrial group

Due to their light weight and low costs, Polystyrene blocks (ceiling foam) have already found its place in construction and apartments developments and buildings across the country. The weight of each cement block in construction building is around 15 kilograms while the foam blocks have very low weight and reduce the building weight significantly. The most recent product of Pooladkaf industrial Group is polystyrene blocks (ceiling foam) which has rece3ived standard logo and is produced and cut at customer’s demand.

Specifications of polystyrene blocks (ceiling foam):

  • Weight of block: 50 to 70cm
  • Length of block: 1 to 6 meters
  • Height: 10 to 30cm
  • Density: 12 kg per square meters to 30 Kg/M3
  • Diameter of zigzag rebar: 4 to 6mm

Advantages of using polystyrene blocks (ceiling foam):

  • The possibility of replacing a 4.5 Kg polystyrene block for ten clay blocks up to 120Kg weight.
  • 25% saving in foundation and frame costs by considering low weight of blocks
  • Saving in beams consumption due to suitable width of the blocks
  • Ease and speed in executing the ceiling, absence of wastes and easier transportation to floors. Using the blocks has been approved by Fuel Consumption Optimization Organization.
  • Low weight of the blocks minimizes the risk of materials falls in time of earthquake.
  • Due to the type of expanding polystyrene materials in the blocks they are good insulation for moisture, heat, cold and sound and prevent energy loss up to 70%.