Hook rebar truss


Pooladkaf Industrial Group’s hook rebar truss

Hook rebar trusses are among other products of Pooladkaf Industrial Group and manufactured using Pooladkaf Industrial Group’s exclusive machinery to be supplied to the public. In this type of truss, the lower rebar are hooked to the zigzag instead of being welded to them.

Descriptions of hook rebar trusses with:

  • Truss height: 7 to 30 centimeters
  • Truss length: 1 to 12 meters
  • Diameter: Lower and upper rebar from 8 to 16 millimeters Minimum yield stress of rebar: 4200 kilograms per square centimeter
  • Weight of each meter of truss based on rebar diameter and height: 1.7 to 5 kilograms
  • Zigzag rebar diameter: 4 to 6 millimeters

Advantages of using hook rebar truss:

  • All components are point welded by automatic machines
  • Absolute order in all member of the truss in terms of rebar diameter, resistance, welding and length
  • High resilience in rebar used
  • Possibility of ordering it in desired lengths, avoiding waste by cutting and ease of transportation (ten thousand meters of truss in one trailer)
  • Vast range of truss height and rebar diameters
  • Reduced use of candles or jacks during construction due to the strength of trusses

Uses of hook rebar truss:

  • Fabrication of joists for joist block or light weight floors
  • Use in prefabricated concrete parts as stringer or for holding the meshes
  • Use in vertical and horizontal ties

Hook truss standards in Iran

  • In Iran, the Organization for State Management and Planning has set the standards for trusses and joists via two publications.
  • Publication 82 of the Organization for State Management and Planning, Deputy of Technical Affairs, 1385 Edition
  • Publication 94 of the Organization for State Management and Planning, Deputy of Technical Affairs, 1384 Edition
  • Subsequently, the Standard and Industrial Research Organization of Iran provided the 2909-1 standard of year 85 in two sections of “trusses” and “joists” used in joist block floors.